The Question

What we want to encourage is an open mind and a honest look at the facts as they stand today. There are always positives and negatives to most issues in our own lives, and the ones which face our society. This matter is no different.

After educating yourself, we want you to think for yourself. Please consider what we are currently doing as a society in terms of our accepted recreational and medicinal practices, and their effect upon the individual and greater society as a whole. The idea is that when fully weighted out, considering both the positives and negatives, we want you to ask yourself this question: 
When considering all the benefits and harmful aspects of the Cannabis plant and its derivatives, is the usage of it still better than the majority of accepted practices currently available?
If you come to the conclusion that we are not doing the right thing -  when your time comes, please vote  to help our society move forward in a better way. Have your voice heard, and together as one, We the People, can have our society reflect our collective beliefs. 
        We encourage you to:   

             Educate Yourself.
                  Think for Yourself.
                         Vote for Yourself,
                                 To help Ourselves. 

Below are links to encourage exploration and thought on the subject: