What is your story?

Come and Toke It gives people the opportunity to tell of their experience with using Cannabis, in any form. Through a crowd sourced blog, with a wide spectrum of experiences and backgrounds, we hope to give a chance for others to read what others have experienced. Come and Toke It will publish and promote these stories as a blog on our site and social media platforms. Whether you are a civil servant or civilian, Come and Toke It is interested in hearing about it!

Below you will find a form through which you can submit your story. We ask that your story covers both any positive or negatives affects for you. If you would like to include any additional pictures to help tell your story - please include it.  It may take some time for us to respond to your submitted message but know that we will work with you to tell your story.

 NOTE: We will never publish someone’s full name (first name and last initial of the author will be used and we will block out any names in any imagery submitted) or ever release your email address. Please avoid any inappropriate language as this will be a public platform – we reserve the right to remove any foul language and/or may decline to use your story if it is not suitable for publishing.